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The Citizenship By Investment program will allow you to obtain a second citizenship in exchange for irrevocable donations or investments in the economy of countries providing citizenship.
In our list only the most popular countries with favorable conditions for investors. These are countries with a growing economy and a fairly comfortable standard of living and infrastructure.
At the same time, there is a difference between the presented programs and some nuances. Therefore, after acquaintance with the short terms, we recommend contacting our consultants and letting them help you with choosing the best option.


The status of the resident gives you certain financial rights. But along with these rights you get additional opportunities: free movement, doing business in different countries, the right to live in the countries of the Schengen area and much more. The status of the resident also assumes the acquisition in the near future of the citizenship of the given country under a facilitated procedure or even automatically.
The countries that we have selected for you are of the greatest interest now and are in the European Economic Area. This is certainly a high standard of living and the best conditions for future residents.
Be sure to take the opportunity to get full consultation and information from the expert. Our consultants are always ready to answer all questions regarding obtaining the status of Resident.